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Valentine's Day Special

Why not spend Valentine's Day with loved ones over a delicious and fresh Charcuterie board?

This is a preorder option only, orders have to placed by end of day Thursday February 11th. Please choose your pick up date on Friday February 12 or Saturday February 13th, 2021.

Place orders at Mint & Honey Gift & Tea Emporuim!

This generous Valentine's Charcuterie Board includes 3 types of cold meats (Proscuitto, Spicy Salami, Hungarian Salami), 3 types of cheese (Brie with fig compote, Gouda, Blue Cheese), Mixes olives, Pickled vegetables, Cherry tomatoes, Red grapes, Strawberries, Mixed nuts and dried fruit, Sweet Vidalia Onion Mustard, dried apricots, and crackers.

Savour a feast at home, the servings are enough for 4 people. Bonus: Bamboo board with ceramic ramekins are included!

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